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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Suyog Bhatte

The article gives a great motivation for the Asian dinners and foodies. Its really difficult to organize workshops of so massive scale and hats of to Marriott corporate culinary team for doing so, would be amazing to see all the chefs coming from different corners of the Asia pacific to share their talent. Miss a great Som tum in London.


The links in your "Food Photos" section somewhat uninspired and disappointing, and surprisingly devoid of any pictures of food produced by Marriott's many talented chefs.

It would be of great interest to see more pictures of your hotel restaurants, especially in Marriott hotels across Asia and the Middle East where the dining areas are dramatic and chef creations are exceptional. I think your blog would really sizzle if it showcased Marriott's dining outlets, with close up photos of foods, and the fantastic buffet spreads generally available at Marriott and Renaissance properties.

It would also be of interest to read about Marriott's chefs and their culinary inspirations!

Matthew Goudge

First off, I want to congratulate you and all the involved chefs for the success of the first JW Marriott Asia Chefs Workshop. Secondly, I also want to say that I loved your article. I think workshops like yours are exactly what the world needs to push Asian cuisine to the top of the international culinary world. Yes, there are the popular Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisines, and now, even Korean cuisine is fast becoming just as popular as those three.

The world needs to know more about other authentic Asian dishes though, and I believe that through workshops like this, it will be best promoted and, in time, recognized as equal to that of the more popular cuisines like the French.

Thank you for the very insightful article, and I hope to read more about Asian dishes in your blog.

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