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Wednesday, August 04, 2010



The "Bistro" concept that redifines "bistro".
This is typical of corporate decisions made by old men in boardrooms deciding what their customers want by looking at spreadsheets and data, instead of living in the real world where these changes take place. Sure your guests want grab and go and Starbucks in 2007, but by the time you get it going, you're 5 years behind the trend. There's a reason almost 1/2 the Starbuck's are closing. Marriott should recognize "fads", Same with the touchpanel TV in the lobby that lets them look at a map and "local suggestions". That was when our phones were new. Once we played with them, and tried all the features, they went back to being used for phone calls.
The courtyard Bistro is the equivelant of McDonald's changing to entirely coffee and latte's, and doing away with BigMac's and Milkshakes.
The same with breakfast in any Marriott. Sure you can "add" and remove the trendy stuff, but keep the core expectations and "basics" for when we go back to just using our phones for calls.

Mike Ott

I recently had the unpleasant experience of staying at a Courtyard that had been done in the 'new' Bistro design. After staying at many Courtyards over the past 30 years, I was disgusted to see what they have become. Rooms are still comfortable, but that new lobby is goofy. The restaurant concept. the 1/2 bar /1/2 deli style restaurant served what I considered the worse food I've ever experienced in connection with a hotel or motel stay. The one size fits all type menu supposedly offers an extremely limited selection suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From the looks of the 3/4 full servings left on plates across the restaurant at dinner time, I don't believe anyone had a culinery experience.


I've been a Marriott Gold/Platinum member for nearly 3 years, and I think the lobby redesign is terrific, and the addition of the Bistro is a FANTASTIC addition. Courtyards have historically suffered from a lack of onsite food services (except breakfast), and the addition of an all day, freshly prepared menu with (contrary to other opinions) delicious recipes with significant variety is very, very welcome. For the first time, I spent the evening in the lobby enjoying a glass of wine and roast chicken because it was both tasty and comfortable. I've never, ever done that at a Courtyard. Well done. :)


breakfast should not end at 9:30am. Especially when it is no longer included in the room rate.

Sharon Szymanski

Stayed recently at the Courtyard in Wilmington NC and enjoyed the Bistro decor and concept. It has a hip, youthful vibe (appreciated by this 58-year-old!) but still managed to feel comfortable and friendly. Grabbed drinks at night with conference friends, and enjoyed a very nice breakfast that was cheaper than the buffets I've had before. Since I always choose Starbucks over the regular coffee whenever possible, I was glad to have that choice available in the a.m. So far, I'm a fan.

John Shore

Stayed at the CY in Dayton. First experience with the Bistro...and my last. The selection is soooo limited. If I wanted to go to a Starbucks, I would have gone there. I can't stand ordering my drink (coffee) having to use foo-foo names (Grande, etc.). Why force these things on a customer? Did anyone really do customer focus groups?

Bring back the buffet. From now on CY is out of my travel plans.


Thank you for your comments on the Courtyard Bistro. We are excited about the Bistro and the expanded service offering of evening menus and exciting beverages, and are commited to exceeding your every expectation. When we come up short on those expectations, we want to know. Your feedback is very helpful in our quest to create exceptional experiences each and every time we are lucky enough to have you as our guest. Please continue to tell us how we are doing!

Elaine Johnston

We recently stayed at the new Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. Great location, fantastic staff, awful food and expensive for what you get, or rather, don't get...the Bistro gets a thumbs down... Please go back to your normal buffet. Thanks so much!
Elaine Johnston

Nancy Fontaine

I also do not like the Bistro concept. If I want a hot breakfast, it adds time to my day. Please do not turn the Route 46 Parsippany Courtyard into a Bistro location.
Nancy F


Count me in as one who does not like the new Bistro concept. We prefer the buffet. I stopped at the Cranbury, NJ Coutyard yesterday. That had always been a location where, when travelling the East Coast, we could stop and meet for breakfast. Now it is no different than a glorified Starbucks. Looks like it is a New Jersey diner from now on.

Donald M. Hallberg

Wish all Courtyards had food service in the evening. The new Hyatt Place has set the pace but Marriott brand hotels are still number one with me. Thanks for the work on the CY Bistro. DMH

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